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Hassan Bin Al Shaikh Group of Industries is one of the longest running business groups in the UAE. HBAS Group is perceived as one of the primary economic foundation in the country because of the part it played in the development of Dubai. Aside from providing services and employment, the people behid HBAS Group held import positions in the government sector especially in Commerce and Trade.

The first beams and foundations of HBAS Group of Industries was erected on the year 1959. Comparable to "rags to riches", the company started with a below handful capital and a group of motivated men. Starting as a single industry, HBAS Group has steadily evolved into a group of strongly established industries.

These industries are still formidably recognized inside and outside the country in terms of products and services offered. Modern Printing Press, the flagship of the HBAS Group has claimed several citations from local and international clients. HBAS Food Industry and HBAS Converting Industry are continiously introducing new range of local products to the UAE market. In point of fact, the produces of this two industries are one of the widely visible products in the market. Real Estate leasing and rental services has been always associated with the groups success. HBAS Group owned buildings are strategically located, ideal for office, business or residential purposes.




Hassan Bin Al Shaikh
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